About Us

Du-DETEC s.l. originated from Electricidad Duarte, a pioneer in the field of automation which saw light thanks José Duarte Aguilar , authorized installer in Malaga for over 30 years.

The search for new alternatives by José Duarte took the company into the world of automation with experience dating back as far as 1985 in its first installations, this quest culminates signing a contract with the firm FAAC being the official distributor of its products in the province of Malaga.


Currently Du-DETEC explores various markets such as manufacturing unique automatic gates , system services such as parking, control access, vandal resistant blind, video surveillance, intercoms, distributor for HÖRMANN doors, but also installing domestic brands such as Gavia Metal and Talleres Illán among others , coming to have a current customer base of over 4000 clients on the Costa del Sol, Malaga, Gibraltar and recently completed work in Angola.

Du-DETEC continues to advance its position in its field and is currently one of the most respected companies in the sector.