Access Control/Security

Access control is an important part of what we do at Du-DETEC, we have extensive experience in different areas that are adopted to your needs, and offer control options that can be paired to any automated system giving you safety, to your business, community or private home.

Control & Management via the COBRA control system

Comprehensive control system with individualized enlisting/discharging, with the possibility of discriminating users, cards, personal schedules, renters, temporary users, etc. With a complete management solution with different levels of access and data modification software.

Control via the mobile JCALL control system

A system based on the identification of the call from a mobile phone that allows for the opening of an entry point through a simple phone call whilst also keeping a record of the event, and at no cost to the user of the system! This system allows the enlisting/discharging of numbers of partners up to 1000 users, accepting both landline and mobile phones, Du-DETEC advise this system as a complement to remote control systems, or as a substitute to intercom system of communities.

Control via the FAAC 868 SLH control system

This FAAC control system, offers an evolutionary coding system in your remote, including non copyable codes with which you can control user management for communities and avoid security problems in your community, each remote control has an exclusive transistor code that stays recorded for each user to allow for the management of discharges without changing the codes for all users, thus avoiding unnecessary costs, all with your usual FAAC receiver without any additional costs.

Parking Systems

We have parking control systems for both small car parks with the Parklite system, and professional parking systems for larger car parks with the Paragon system both from FAAC, we have a wide range of services and options for paystation machines and barriers with self-management.

Below you will find photos of a selection of some our work. For more information please contact us, our staff will gladly assist you.